Every company starts with an idea.

The idea is something the world needs, which the company is uniquely positioned to provide. And the focus of the company is bringing this idea to life. The idea can take the shape of a product, a service, or an experience.

And if it has value, the company is viable, and then successful.

In a perfect world, all the company’s energies are directed at the creation and execution of this unique idea they bring to the world. After all, it’s what makes their company valuable. It’s what they’re uniquely suited to doing; their talent and their craft.

But this success is a slippery slope. If the idea has value, and this value creates success, then it also creates growth. And with growth come a brand-new set of responsibilities — activities that, while not focused on “The Idea” that made the company successful, are no less vital to the continuing success of the company.

These activities are a distraction from the focus that made the company successful in the first place. The people with talent directed at “The Idea” suddenly find themselves mired in things that aren’t necessarily the best use of their energies.

A successful company needs to be managed. It needs things like technology infrastructure. Phones. Procurement. Sales. Marketing. Human Resources. Financing. Today, there’s a Darwinian approach by which a company with a successful idea evolves to a place where it can adequately manage all these extraneous duties that come as a by-product of its success.

Managing these extracurricular activities can be a significant barrier to growth (or even survival). Some companies make it, some get part of the way there … many don’t survive. Even those that do survive often do so at the cost of diluting their unique energies with the day-to-day necessities of operating a business.

What if there were a resource that could efficiently address the vertical niche capabilities a company requires to be successful?
What if a company could tap into a virtual infrastructure of specialized experts in the practice areas they require in order to maximize the focus of their internal resources?

This is the concept behind BeyondROI®. This is “Our Idea.”

We are a trusted advisor — providing vision, strategic guidance, and solutions aimed at allowing a company to focus on what made them successful in the first place. We have the resources and expertise to provide the solutions in all the practice areas a company requires to successfully compete, control costs, and grow. This frees them of the distractions that running a successful business requires and allows them to concentrate on the core idea that made their company successful in the first place.

With our intimate understanding of the fragile ecosystem of a growing business, we’ve created innovative ways to provide these solutions without jeopardizing the ongoing success of the company.

We believe the energies of a successful business should be focused on what makes it great, not on the other stuff that comes with running it. Because this is the difference between survival and success.

We believe that no amount of planning can predict the moment when you’re going to need help.

And we believe that true success shows in more than your balance sheet.

With this formula, since 2002 we’ve proudly served over 1,000 companies, large and small, across virtually every industry.