Pay-Per-Call Services

What is Pay-Per-Call?

BeyondROI’s Pay-Per-Call solution, Phone Lead Advantage™, is an advertising service platform that connects motivated buyers with a business over the phone. A business does not need to have a website to participate because Phone Lead Advantage™ drives business directly to your phone.

How will Phone Lead Advantage™ help to grow my business?

Phone Lead Advantage™ will help grow your business by driving phone sales leads directly to your sales reps or call center, whether or not you have a website. Phone sales leads are a proven way to close new business. As a Phone Lead Advantage™ advertiser, interested parties will contact you at the phone number and times that you specify. You will have the ability to track and measure your sales leads.

How does Phone Lead Advantage™ work?

Phone Lead Advantage™ works like pay-per-click advertising except that it drives phone leads to your business, rather than computer clicks to your e-commerce website. For search engine and directory consumers, Phone Lead Advantage™ works like this:

Consumers search for merchants or service providers in a designated geographic area. Then, relevant Phone Lead Advantage™ ads appear in search results. When your business ad appears in the search results, consumers can reach you via the toll-free numbers that BeyondROI provides in your Phone Lead Advantage™ ads. These toll-free numbers forward calls directly to your business number and track calls for billing and reporting purposes. For each call that comes into to your business, you pay an agreed upon price per call that you negotiate with your publisher, network or agency.

Where will my Phone Lead Advantage™ ads appear?

Your Phone Lead Advantage™ ads will appear anywhere your agency or marketing team negotiates the right to publish them. You can use web, TV, radio, indoor, outdoor, print or direct mail marketing.

Do I need a website to participate in Phone Lead Advantage™ advertising?

No. Phone Lead Advantage™ advertising does not require a website because Phone Lead Advantage™ ads encourage buyers to call your business, rather than visit your website.

How much does it cost to use Phone Lead Advantage™?

Phone Lead Advantage™ is free for buyers to use. As a Phone Lead Advantage™ advertiser, your cost per call is based upon the price you establish in advance.

How does Phone Lead Advantage™ differ from pay-per-click based advertising?

Phone Lead Advantage™ differs from pay-per-click based advertising because it uses a phone call as the billable event, rather than a computer click. As a Phone Lead Advantage™ advertiser, you pay only when your Phone Lead Advantage™ ads generate a call to your business, whereas a click-based advertiser pays for clicks to their website, which may or may not result in a phone lead. With Phone Lead Advantage™, all businesses can participate — including the nearly 14 million small businesses that don’t have ecommerce-enabled websites.


As part of its Phone Lead Advantage™ advertising service platform, BeyondROI is interested in partnering with top agencies, networks, publishers and media vendors who have a strong desire to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Please contact BeyondROI’s Business Development Team to learn more.

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