BeyondROI’s Proprietary Methodology – Maximizing Digital Marketing Investments

STEP ONE: Digital Financial Plan assesses Client’s digital business, identifies and prioritizes solutions most likely to achieve stated goals.

  • Independent analysis conducted by all Advertising & Brand Development service teams (paid search, SEO, site usability/design, social media, mobile, video, remarketing, etc.)
  • Individual teams present what role (if any) their service plays in achieving overall goals
  • Client Strategists define service mix, suggested investment and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Client is presented a marketing roadmap best suited to achieve objectives

STEP TWO: The agreed-upon roadmap typically follows a Flipped Funnel Marketing investment model.

  • Implement lowest risk initiative with the greatest upside potential
  • Launch controlled pilot program utilizing marketing sprints (minimal investment)
  • Micro ROI analysis to quickly gauge attribution & KPIs
  • Optimize
  • Maximize
  • Rinse & Repeat (add the next lowest risk initiative)