Who We Best Serve

It’s all about the fit. For you, it’s not just about feeling confident that BeyondROI can deliver results. The question is does BeyondROI have the capacity to “get in the head” of our business and understand the good, bad and ugly? Can they significantly impact our top and bottom line and grow market share? For us, we want to know there is chemistry. Can we get passionate about growing your business? Is there a vision we can stand behind? Will we have creative freedom to do our best work? Ultimately, we are looking for the right fit to ensure a long-term partnership.

The Right Fit

  • Open-minded clients
  • Seeks marketing leadership and a highly skilled team to drive overall strategy and execution
  • Provides quality products and/or services
  • Established etailer ($3M+ annual turnover) interested in substantial growth, not status quo
  • Early stage etailer interested in substantial growth, not status quo
  • Brick & mortar businesses with annual sales between $50M and $1B
  • Service-based regional or national businesses (hospitality, professional services, home services, real estate, etc.)
  • Manufacturers serving North America
  • International companies entering the U.S. marketplace

The Wrong Fit

  • Closed-minded clients
  • Seeks help managing a specific digital service versus overall strategy and execution
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Micro-manager
  • Inability to scale (limited production, sourcing, service personnel, operations, etc.)
  • Poor reputation or ongoing customer support issues
  • B2C companies with gross margin below 25%
  • B2B companies with low average order value (AOV) below $25
  • Tobacco, Firearms, Gaming, Adult Content, Online Pharmacy
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Multi-level marketing